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Failte - Welcome! Hello and a warm welcome to TALK ARRAN. My name is Joni Keen and for over thirty years I've lived on Arran, one of nearly seven hundred islands that surround and make up the country of Scotland. Although I'm perhaps a little biased, I think Arran has to be one of the most beautiful and diverse Scottish islands there is and it's less than one hour's sailing from the Scottish mainland by the daily ferry service.

Often called Scotland in miniature, Arran is a Scots Gaelic word that means peaked hill, an obvious reference to Gaoda Bheinn - Goat Fell, the mountain which dominates the isle.

It's not just the island that has a diverse topography and geography, but the people who live here as well. That's why I decided to create this podcast which celebrates the people and communities that make up the islands population.

Arran is the home to artists, musicians, businesses, artisans and everything in between. The stories that these people have to tell are at times wonderful, amazing, sometimes sad but always interesting. Now with so many of us connected worldwide through the Internet, you and the world can hear their life stories from their own lips.

As well as giving a worldwide voice to the island of Arran like never before, I will also be ensuring that the artists, musicians, authors, chefs, island guides and companies that create so many beautiful things are also heard and seen. The island of Arran produces some of Scotland's finest products and produce. I want to highlight to you and others around the world the wonderful art, crafts, literature, music and more that the people from this island of Arran create.

So, join me Joni Keen as I explore the many delights of the beautiful island of Arran and the talents that are held here. I'm sure once you get to know the people and stunning beauty of Arran, you like so many others will want to visit and explore Scotland in miniature, the isle of Arran.

The Talk Arran podcast is a series of interviews from the isle of Arran by islander Joni Keen. Featuring stories from Arran artists, musicians, authors, chefs, island guides, artisans, Arran businesses and communities. The Talk Arran podcast brings to light these fascinating life stories and reveals why this small Scottish island, often called 'Scotland in miniture', has such a global appeal. The isle of Arran podcast Talk Arran, is a great new way to discover this beautiful, magical and spiritual island on the west coast of Scotland. If you have an interview suggestion, please get in touch.

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